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Ewellix Benelux B.V.

About Ewellix:

Ewellix is a global supplier of linear motion and actuation solutions. Today, our state-of-the-art linear solutions are designed to increase machine performance, maximise uptime, reduce maintenance, improve safety and save energy. We engineer solutions for industrial automation, medical equipment, mobile machinery, industrial distribution and other industrial applications.

Building on fifty years of excellence

Founded over fifty years ago as part of the SKF Group, we began pushing the boundaries of engineering to find better solutions to manufacturing challenges. Today we have a new name but our focus remains on being a preferred partner for linear products and solutions.

Our success is based on state-of-the-art products and solutions. We are committed to building on this reputation by providing ongoing development and knowledge to provide a competitive advantage, along with the world-class support that our customers have come to expect.

Our people, products and solutions support customers in implementing the energy-efficient solutions of tomorrow.

Engineering for the future

We work in a wide range of industries, where our solutions provide key functionality for mission-critical applications. For the medical industry, we provide precision components for use in core equipment. In an industrial distribution setting, we supply linear expertise to our partners, empowering them to serve customers with greater efficiency.

Our extensive knowledge of mobile machinery provides powerful and reliable electromechanical solutions for the harshest conditions. Our unparalleled understanding of industrial automation systems is based on decades of research into advanced automation components and techniques.

Linear Guides

Ewellix wide linear guide offers consist of Linear ball bearings and Profile rail guides with ball or roller recirculation and nearly unlimited axial motion. In addition, Precision rail guides with constant rolling element contact, feature highest precision.

Linear Actuators – Pillars

Different types of actuators are available, with different performance levels. From simple push/pull movement to complex motion cycles with high loads and speeds, from seldom regulated to observed continuous operation, Ewellix always has the right solution.

Ball & Roller screws

Thanks to Ewellix decades of experience with manufacturing ball and roller screws and their continuous product and process development activities, they are able to provide customers with precision screw solutions that fulfil the most demanding applications in terms of efficiency, precision, durability and value. Ewellix provides solutions for applications that require driving technology such as ball screws and roller screws converting rotary motion into linear motion, and vice-versa. Our comprehensive range
of driving solutions includes precision ball screws, rolled or ground, and roller screws. Matching accessories such as nut flanges and support bearings are available.

Liftkit – Slidekit

Collaborative robots (cobots) can greatly improve productivity in industrial environments with repetitive tasks. The radius of action is usually limited by their reach. Additional linear axes can significantly enhance the radius of action up to 5 times, by re-positioning the base of the robot during its working cycle. Ewellix offers a range of linear motion axes – vertical and horizontal – to easily expand the capabilities of a cobot.

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