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Hydro Power Slide Bearing Gear Units

Hydro Power Slide Bearing Gear Units

This series has been very successfully employed in vertical Kaplan turbine systems thanks to continuous further developments since 1985. An optimized series of high-performance industrial gear units tailored to a broad range of applications was created based on many years of experience and incorporating the latest design and analysis tools. Gear units in this series are available with center distances from 500 to 1,500 mm.

Fifteen graduated sizes enable an optimal selection for these application scenarios. All pinion shafts and gear wheels are made of alloyed, highly wear-resistant case-hardened steel. Designed to be highly dependable, the toothing is ground and case-hardened. The gear geometry is optimized according to the respective application scenario and the running parameters.
Finely optimized radial slide bearings are used for the shaft bearings. A separate axial slide bearing with heavy axial stop collars is used as the axial bearing of the wheel shaft in the standard version. The adjusting device of the turbine can be routed through the wheel shaft. The gear unit is equipped with its own lubricant system, which contains all the required pumps, coolers, filters, and monitoring instruments. Hydrostatic jacking is available as an option in the slide bearings.


  • Application-specific, adaptable transmission to the point
  • High degree of standardization across the various sizes
  • Very short response time for complete and individual components enables the provision of intermediate product.
  • Up to 15-fold transmission in single-stage version
  • Maintenance-friendly

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